- annotations, bookmarks, favorite icons, input history, keywords, and browsing history (a record of visited pages).

    moz_anno_attributes - Annotation Attributes
    moz_annos - Annotations
    moz_bookmarks - Bookmarks
    moz_bookmarks_roots - Bookmark roots i.e. places, menu, toolbar, tags, unfiled
    moz_favicons - Favourite icons - including URL of icon
    moz_historyvisits - A history of the number of times a site has been visited
    moz_inputhistory - A history of URLS typed by the user
    moz_items_annos - Item annotations
    moz_keywords - Keywords
    moz_places - Places/Sites visited - referenced by moz_historyvisits

* 파이어폭스 DB만 정리해도 속도 빨라져

fifefox profile 폴더로 이동
    - 경로 : C:\Users\userIDx\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\4g6t1gh4.default

    - sqlite3 이용
sqlite3 place.sqlite VACUUM

    - 일괄 처리
for %a in (*.sqlite) do (sqlite3 %a vacuum)

    - 프로그램 이용
    - 인터넷 브라우져, 시스템 청소(CCleaner와 유사한 기능)

    - Addon

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